Interesting Story Startes

During this long semester we have learnt about a lot of interesting things, one thing being Story Startes. For example, not ending a sentence ending with an “Ing”. These are some of the story Startes I came up with for example: “wonderful” exclaimed mum we will be there soon. Or “impossible” said dad “you cannot swim that far”.

Editing With Audacity

Hi guys

In the past few weeks Ace, Daniel and I have been recording on a microphone talking about compassion. We all had our say and we all personally think that we work really well together. Firstly we had to record on the the microphone and then we had to edit it on audacity and upload it to google drive. Then I sent it to Ace and Daniel. Here is my first attempt of a podcast i hope you enjoy!


Hefting is fun

Recently my class have been working on hefting. Hefting is to lift or hold something and predict the weight using your hands. When we started hefting we thought that a tennis ball was 300 grams but it was really 60 grams .We now understand hefting and we are getting much closer every time.


Recently my class have been working on a type of poem called a cinquain . Cinquains are a form of syllabic poetry characterised by a distinctive 5 line structure: the firs line has two syllables .Second line has four syllables the third line has six syllables the fourth line has eight syllables and the fifth line has two syllables. Here is my piece of writing.


Hoops from heaven

Swishes through the netting

From quiet to loud like lions


My Best Holiday Ever

Have you ever been to Bali? Well I have and it was a blast. During the school holidays I went to Bali. The day we left I was  as pumped as a new basket ball. When night time came around our Uber came to pick us up. We had a flight at 7:30pm so we had plenty of time. We had lots of memories on that trip but my highlight was when we went to an escape room and then we got McDonalds and Starbucks.